Windows Phone start screen

Microsoft has been heavily rumored to launch a device with a 3D user interface later this year, with the device allegedly slated for a launch in the month of November. However, a report out of Neowin suggests that Microsoft is considering launching two handsets that come with the 3D Touch feature enabled.

3D Touch is said to be the first major hardware/software innovation that Microsoft will inculcate into the high-end Lumia devices. The software giant is said to include APIs for gestures, side interactions and heat maps so that third-party devs can access the 3D Touch technology for their apps. As for the McLaren device itself, the latest rumors indicate a 5.2-inch full-HD screen, 20MP camera along with a 64 GB internal storage variant.

In addition to McLaren, Microsoft is allegedly working on a 6-inch device that will also feature a 3D Touch interface. Earlier today, a leak revealed that Microsoft was mulling a Lumia 1525 for later this year with updated hardware that includes a Snapdragon 801. So it is possible that the Lumia 1525 is the second device to feature the 3D Touch interface.

As for now, we only have rumors to go by, but as we move closer to an official unveil, we will have more information on how Microsoft intends to implement this technology.

Source: Neowin