More and more traffic to websites are generated by visits from smartphone and tablet users, and many of those sites don't have features that are specific for those visitors. Now Microsoft's Bing division wants to help web designers make their sites "mobile friendly" by releasing a tool to test to see if the site passes several criteria to see if it is indeed "mobile friendly".


The Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool is now available for download on the Bing Webmaster Tools site. When a URL of a site is run through the tool, it checks out the following elements on the page:

  • Viewport and Zoom control configuration
  • Width of page content
  • Readability of text on the page
  • Spacing of links and other elements on the page
  • Use of incompatible plug-ins

If the tool says the site fails one or more of these "mobile friendly" tests, it offers details of why it failed along with hints of how to fix them so the page can pass the test. Microsoft says:

"Each time you run the tool against a URL, we crawl the page the same way Bingbot does, download necessary and allowed resources, dynamically render the mobile page, extract features and run it through our mobile classification algorithms to produce the verdict for your page."

Source: Microsoft