Sure, Microsoft and Google may be trying to murder each other when it comes to technology, but the two companies can always team up for a good cause. This week in London, the two companies along with others including Amazon, Dell, and Nokia came together to launch the brand new InterTech Diversity Forum for LGBT+ people (since when did we get a “plus” added?).

The event was not only a time for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) employees to congregate, but for corporations to show off how supportive they have been. Andrew Sinclair, General Manager of Skype, stated that:

“We have a great history of building diversity within our workforce. In fact in 1989, Microsoft was one of the first big global companies that gave same-sex domestic partners benefits and to have diversity policies around gender identity. It’s something that we’re very proud of and something that we have been driving for such a long time.”

Andrew MacApline, the co-chairman of InterTech, also spoke about his experiences while working at Google:

“Being gay at Google is a non-issue because you are given the freedom to be yourself. I would love for InterTech to empower and enable other LGBT+ people to replicate that type of environment in their own work place.”

The event was able to raise €1750 (around $2,683) including an €850 donation from Google.

The next InterTech party is planned for some time in London and while aimed at the LGBT+ community, welcomes all sexual orientations to attend and have some fun.

For now, you can follow the initiative on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Source: IntercityNews