Update 12 PM ET: It's now official 

Someone may have had itchy trigger fingers tonight, as Microsoft has reportedly revealed that //Build/ will be happening on April 2-4 at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. That’s a favorite venue of theirs, so that’s not too surprising.  What is the shocker is the announcement, which has since been pulled, although the site Neowin  was able to grab the image before it was caught.

Build is Microsoft’s big developer conference that has also morphed into an announcement platform. Build 2013 was last held in San Francisco back in June, so seeing an April date at the same venue makes sense. Registration for the 2014 event will reportedly begin on January 14th at noon Eastern time (9 am Pacific), so you have some time to ponder your expenses before then.

What do we expect? How about the first update to Windows 8.1 called ‘Spring 2014 GDR’. Mary Jo Foley reported that she’s hearing that spring 2014 is the time-frame for that release. What’s more, the Surface Mini may be announced too as that update is supposedly tied to that OS update.

And yes, Windows Phone 8.1 would also be a good candidate for a co-announcement, should Microsoft be looking to publicize everything at once. Sources close to us and Mary Jo Foley have pinned down spring 2014 (or at least, before June) as the time frame for the 8.1 update, and this April period for Build 2014 looks apropos in light of that information.

Either way, we’ll be there live to cover the event! Stay tuned and we’ll see if Microsoft comes clean with the rest of the details.

Source: Microsoft News; via: Neowin; Thanks, Katsch I.,for the tip!

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