Microsoft Asia's César Cernuda talks Windows Phone, Cortana, and more!

How is Microsoft doing with their mobile strategy, including tablets and, of course, Windows Phone? How is new CEO Satya Nadella taking to his new job? How's Microsoft doing with "cool" brands like Cortana, Kinect, and even Skype? Good on all fronts! That's according to César Cernuda, Microsoft's Asia Pacific President, in his interview with the Wall Street Journal:

One of the great things happening right now is that the gravity of the world is shifting to Asia, and we definitely had very strong results around cloud and mobility. Cloud adoption is going really fast. We are pleased with Office 365 and we have also seen good progress on our overall mobility strategy on both tablets and Windows phone.

Cernuda also comments on combining digital work and digital life, the challenges of the Asian market, how their new CEO is settling into his roll, and how consumers perceive Microsoft.

I'm very pleased with where we are when I think about the types of offerings we have. Do I think consumers are seeing Microsoft being as cool as other companies? Sometimes people don't even know that Xbox or Kinect is Microsoft. Or Cortana, an amazing service we're providing.

Are people aware that Skype is Microsoft? Or that we have 400 million users using We have billions of users of Office. Yeah, I think we need to do a better job of telling our story. Because if I share some of those data points, you say, wow.

Fascinating interview, so give it a read and let me know what you think!