Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is asking for Windows Insider members for some input on whether or not the Windows 10 Mobile team should release a new version, build 10136, immediatly to Fast ring members, or wait until an upgrading bug has been fixed.

Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul detailed what they are looking for in his Twitter feed:

"Hey #WindowsInsiders, we have a conundrum and need your input. Build 10136 for Phone looks really great, except for one problem. We have a bug upgrading from 10080. So our choices are: 1. Go to Fast anyway, require you to WPRT back to 8.1 2. or keep working on it, probably holding it by a week. Upgrade is very important to test, but we think people would like to have this build too.

Obviously, you can express your opinions on Aul's Twitter feed right now:

Update: It looks like people want to get the new build ASAP. Aul has now posted this update:

"Thanks all, given that people who don't want to roll back to 8.1 won't have to - we're going to release 10136 to Fast."

Update 2: Aul has now said the new 10136 build won't be released today:

"However - we now have to re-stage the hops from supported phones and that will take us some time, about 24hrs."

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)