Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has announced Azure ML, a new cloud-based machine learning platform. Hosted on Azure, the new platform lets Microsoft's partners and customers quickly build and deploy predictive applications that utilize big data.

Azure ML lets companies create predictive analytics applications to forecast and respond to potential future events. APIs and services can be published on top of Azure ML. The platform includes several tools to create and deploy these applications. These tools include an API service, and SDK, a design studio, and pre-defined workflows and templates.

The project started at Microsoft under the codename "Passau" and is currently overseen by Corporate Vice Presiden Joseph Sirosh, formerly of Amazon. Azure ML uses algorithms that were originally developed for Xbox Live and Bing. Microsoft's own retail stores have been using Azure ML in private preview to combat fraud, with stores seeing a 15 to 20 percent reduction during the preview.

Azure ML is already in the hands of about 100 customers and partners. A public preview will be available starting next month. No timeframe has been given for Azure ML to see a full public release.

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Source: ZDNet, TechCrunch