Microsoft Band 2 can now handle more tiles; Health adds social challenges

The Microsoft Band 2 has become more capable with its most recent update. The owners of the fitness band can now add up to 20 tiles for various activities. Meanwhile. The Health app has gotten more social. You can now issue challenges for steps, cardio minutes, runs, and bike rides to your friends who use Microsoft Health.

In addition to these new social features, the Band 2 now features better notification management. You can control which apps send you notifications to the Band by toggling them on or off in the Health app.

Finally, text, email, Faceboook, Twitter, and other notifications now show more text as well.

You'll need to update Microsoft Health first in order to get the latest software for the Band 2. You'll find the latest version of the app on the Window Store.

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Download Microsoft Health from the Windows Store

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