Microsoft Band Lumia Icon

The Microsoft Band is still one of the most exciting pieces of technology to launch this year, even if it is hard to come by. Microsoft's experiment into physical fitness tracking has a lot of potential, but they still have numerous issues to work out, including manufacturing and distribution. Add a few bugs to that list as well.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft did release a new app update for the Band but one bug that is irking us and others relates to Bluetooth audio streaming in the car.

The problem arises for iOS and Windows Phone users (and presumably Android too) when streaming music in the car while the phone is simultaneously paired to the Band. Although things start out fine, after some random duration, the music starts to stutter, skip, and snap. Usually, the problem fixes itself after 30 seconds or so, but it certainly kills the mood when you are belting out tunes while stuck in traffic (or maybe that is just us).

Our unofficial diagnosis suggests that the problem arises when the Band begins to synchronize data to the phone, possibly hogging up too much of the Bluetooth bandwidth. Interestingly, the problem only seems to happen when using the Bluetooth car profile and not Bluetooth headphones.

A UserVoice page has been setup denoting the problem for those to vote on. That UserVoice page was started by 'Joe920' in our Forums, where a few users have noted the same issue.

Hopefully, Microsoft will patch the problem, which likely requires a firmware update.

Besides not being able to buy one, have you found a real frustrating bug with the Band that needs Microsoft's attention? Holla out in comments.