Microsoft Band

The small and medium models of the Microsoft Band are currently showing long waits for shipments for some online retailers. _Again._The Microsoft Store site shows that if you order the small or medium version of the fitness band, you will have to wait until May 6 to receive them

People who want to buy the large version of the Microsoft Band on the company's site won't have to wait nearly that long. The store shows shipments going out on April 1 for orders made today. Microsoft is still restricting online order to one Microsoft Band per customer, which shows that there is still a fairly limited amount of the devices to go around.

Thankfully, Best Buy and Amazon's websites show they have all three versions of the Microsoft Band on sale for shipment April 1 (Best Buy) or even immediately (Amazon). Sadly, Target's website currently shows the Band as "out of stock" just a few days after it started selling the device.

We have received tips from a couple of Windows Central readers that some Microsoft Store retail locations have also received new shipments of the Microsoft Band. If you live near one in the US and Canada, you might want to see if you can stop by and get one immediately.

Source: Microsoft Store , Best Buy, Amazon, Target

Thanks to Jacob C, and everyone for the tips!

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