Before You Buy

We've been using the Microsoft Band for nearly a week. Daniel just joined the latest episode of TWiT's Before You Buy to review the Microsoft Band. The episode aired live yesterday but is now available for you to watch on YouTube or your favorite podcast app. Before You Buy is the show in the TWiT network where products and gadgets are reviewed on air. Let's see what Dan thinks of the MIcrosoft Band.

The entire episode runs about 46 minutes, but you don't need to scroll far to find Dan. He's on at the very beginning of the episode. Other products reviewed on Before You Buy 147 include the Philips Brilliance 28" 4K monitor, Archos Smart Home Starter Kit, Sony MDR-ZX550BN Wireless Headphones, and the Kindle Voyage.

You can watch the episode above or hit up the source link to download this episode.

Source: Before You Buy 147