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The new Microsoft Account page is now live but no longer 'Live'

We’ve reported on the slow rollout of 'Microsoft Account' for a few weeks now. The replacement for 'Live is slowly transforming as we’ve first noted it back at the beginning of June with the commerce site showing the new style.

Today, we’re getting reports (and have verified ourselves) that Microsoft Account is showing up on the https://account.live.com/ site, allowing you to create a new account (if you already didn’t have one). We saw this a few days ago but now it seems to be finally go wide today. You can of course login but you’ll be taken to the familiar services like Hotmail (still a terrible name) but they have not yet had their Metro makeover, which along with SkyDrive should be happening soon...

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Although it’s perhaps not the most amazing news, we think the idea of Microsoft Account is quite appealing and makes much more sense than the whole 'Live' branding which they’re finally phasing out. In fact when we signed into SkyDrive in Mac OSX Mountain Lion, it too was branded with Microsoft Account instead of Live (please don’t ask why we’re playing with OSX—sometimes we have job requirements too).

For some users though, the https://account.live.com/ is not showing up for them as new (for instance, our George Ponder is still seeing the old site) but up here in Manitoba and over in the UK we do have the new site.

It should be exciting to see Microsoft go through this rebranding over the next few weeks and to see how people take to it and the new Metro UI. Thanks, Nick P., for the tip