It's been revealed that Microsoft could be potentially blocking the development of an official Grooveshark client for Windows Phone. According to a conversation between the community developer and a consumer, it's reported that the Grooveshark team had previously looked at getting an app submitted to the store, but were told by Microsoft that such an app would not be approved.

So is this the end-all for Grooveshark fans? Not at all. There was an unofficial Grooveshark app in the works for Windows Phone Store, but there's also an official solution on the Grooveshark website, utilising HTML5. While not a native app, it's definitely worth checking out if you're an avid fan of the service. That said, Microsoft does offer its own Xbox Music service, which offers unlimited streaming and offline playback for a small monthly fee.

Blame it on Microsoft?

Grooveshark has run into some issues with music companies in the past regarding royalties and perhaps that is playing a role here. Or it could be Grooveshark deflecting blame, erroneously, to Microsoft. If that's the case, perhaps Microsoft's great developer support can reach out and rekindle that conversation with the Grooveshark folks.

However, third party submissions of Grooveshark clients to the Windows Phone Store have been blocked in the past, so there may be some truth to this report. Additionally, the third-party app referenced above by SciLor hasn't had its private beta updated since the beginning of April, and even then it didn't work too well, leaving us little hope for that project.

Are you saddened by not being able to get connected with Grooveshark on Windows Phone, or are you looking at alternatives?

Source: Reddit