Microsoft Windows Phone Concept

We've heard rumors on a Microsoft branded Windows Phone for some time now. We've seen concept images and even Nokia CEO Stephen Elop mentioned a Surface Windows Phone would stimulate the ecosystem.

The latest rumor has Foxconn International Holding (FIH), a manufacturer of electronic devices, receiving a handset order from both Microsoft and Amazon. According to the sources of the rumors claim a launch date of mid-2013.  The source notes that both orders will only have a limited shipment volume initially and may become a new business model for the manufacturers in the future

Rum: 5

FIH has declined to comment on the matter. There has been rumblings about Amazon working on a smartphone but could this be an order for the much speculated Surface Windows Phone from Microsoft?  Maybe test units? 

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Source: Digitimes, Concept Surface phone by YrOnimuS; Thanks, everyone, for the tip!