Microsoft has announced that it is making available to developers 3 more of its Cognitive Services (via ZDNet). All 3, which are either now in preview or will launch soon, are meant to help developers more easily add some machine learning and AI smarts to their applications.

Microsoft is bringing more of its Cognitive Services to developers

The most prominent release is Microsoft's Custom Speech Service, which is now available to the public in preview. This is the same Cognitive Service that powers Microsoft's speech recognition, which it has refined over years of testing to work with jargon, dialects and accents, and in noisy environments.

The two other cognitive services, Content Moderator and Bing Speech API, are set to move into general availability in March, Microsoft says. Here's how Microsoft describes both:

The Content Moderator allows users to quarantine and review data such as images, text or videos to filter out unwanted material, such as potentially offensive language or pictures. The Bing Speech API converts audio into text, understands intent and converts text back to speech.

As part of Microsoft's push to "democratize AI," its Cognitive Services tools give developers the means to add important machine learning and AI tech to their services. What would take years for developers to achieve on their own can be added to applications and services much more easily with Microsoft's APIs. For more on Microsoft's Cognitive Services push, as well as a look at how some companies are using the APIs, check out Microsoft's full blog post.

Microsoft's cognitive services and AI everywhere vision are making AI in our image

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