Microsoft brings native translation features to Cortana in Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that everyone's favorite digital assistant, Cortana, now has some translation skills. Cortana in Windows 10 now leverages Microsoft's Translator tech to help you translate words and phrases from 39 different languages.

As outlined in Microsoft's blog post, getting Cortana to translate for you is a pretty simple affair. Of course, typing is always an option, but Microsoft notes that you can use your voice to ask Cortana to translate with phrases like "Hey Cortana, translate where is the nearest taxi stand in French" or Hey Cortana, how to say where is the closest grocery store in Spanish." Once done, Cortana will provide a text translation, as well as a verbal readout so you know exactly how to pronounce the phrase.

It's important to note that Cortana's translation feature is currently only supported in U.S. and Chinese editions of Windows 10, which unfortunately leaves out a large portion of the potential user base, at least initially. Further, if Cortana runs into any issues translating your phrase, it will open up a web search in Bing to help you out. For a full list of languages supported with Cortana's translation feature, hit up the source link below.

Source: Microsoft