Photosynth is a fantastic app that allows you combine multiple shots when one capture is simply not enough, perfect when requiring to take a landscape photo beyond the capabilities of the mobile device and engineer some cool panoramas with a 360 degrees effect.

Using the latest computer vision technology, the Photosynth app makes capturing panoramas fun and engaging, while creating sharp, high-resolution results. With the app, you can process, view, and store your panoramas directly on your device. Then, share them in a variety of ways, including to Facebook as images or as interactive panoramas (hosted for free) on

It has been readily available for download on PC, but has now made the leap to the iPhone line of devices - no sign of a WP7 offering though. While slightly confusing as to why Microsoft would offer their app to iPhone users before their own platform, it's understandable to an extent with iOS and OS X (arguably) being home to designers, photographers etc.

The app will enable iPhone users to upload their panoramas to Bing Maps, which will then become publicly viewable on Microsoft's Photosynth "map app", further enhancing a continuous viewable image of the world. Are you looking forward to the tool coming to WP7, and do you believe it's a smart move to go to iOS first?

Source: Malaysian Insider