Microsoft's latest commercial for the Surface Pro 4 puts the 2-in-1 tablet directly against the MacBook Air, claiming that it is much better than Apple's notebook.

Previous TV ads for the Surface Pro 4 show real people using the tablet, and they state that many of its features can't be found on their Macs. However, the newest commercial is much more blunt, along with adding some humor as well. The ad is set to a catchy tune and shows off the the Surface Pro 4's optional detachable keyboard, its touchscreen and pen. The song says, "This Mac doesn't have any of that; it's less useful, like a hat for your cat."

The commercial also suggests the Surface Pro 4 is lighter and more powerful than the MacBook Air. The song ends with the lyrics, "Yes, it's plain to see; the Surface Pro 4 is made for me." This is the second such ad for the Surface Pro 4 this month that directly compares itself to an Apple product. Earlier in August, Microsoft made fun of Apple's claim that the iPad Pro was a "computer".

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