Microsoft has clarified a Computer World story from earlier this week (and to which we linked) about being able to load apps purchased from Windows Marketplace for Mobile onto as many as five phones. The five phones remains true. But you'd better be the owner of those five phones.

According to an excerpt of the Marketplace's unreleased terms of the service provided to Computerworld by Microsoft's public relations gency, [sic] "You may install and use one copy of the Application on up to five (5) mobile devices you personally own or control and which are affiliated with the Windows Live ID associated with your Windows Marketplace for Mobile account. You may not install or use a copy of the Application on a device you do not own or control."

Hey, that's about how we read it the first time. Did anyone really think the old days of beaming apps between Palm devices would return?

And in slightly related news, there's a lone Tweet floating around [via] from a participant at WebDU in Australia stating that the Marketplace "will open for sales come November." The timing seems close. That would give Microsoft a little rest after the expected launch of Windows Mobile 6.5, which we're still hoping to see by October.

Of course, take that one, single, solitary Tweet with a grain of salt. Not like Twitter has ever led us astray, right?