Windows 10 phone

Late on Friday, a report claimed that Microsoft would be in control of the update button for smartphones that have Windows 10 Mobile installed, instead of the current model where wireless carriers have that privilege. Today, an official statement from a company spokesperson seemed to confirm that report, but also said that wireless carriers would have some "input" before Microsoft releases Windows 10 Mobile updates.

According to what the Microsoft spokesperson stated to WinBeta:

"Microsoft will continue to work closely with mobile operators on testing to meet and exceed quality bars. The input of mobile operators is invaluable to the testing process. Microsoft will use their input, as well as input from the millions of Windows Insiders, to decide when to send out mobile updates to Windows 10 devices."

The big question: Just how much "input" will those wireless carriers have on Windows 10 Mobile updates? That's still unknown at this point. We may have to wait until Windows 10 Mobile officially launches sometime this fall to see just how much influence carriers will have in the testing process.