Today on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Todd Brix, a senior director on Windows Phone, gives an update to the development community. One of the more interesting things that was looked at was user's response to having the trial option available when browsing for new apps in the Marketplace.

We've always taken the position here that trials are good and that developer's who don't offer a trial, risk losing significant new customers. As it turns out, we were right on that. From the Blog:

  • Users like trials. Paid apps that include trial functionality are downloaded 70 times more than paid apps that don’t include trial functionality, expanding the number of potential customers to purchase the full paid version.
  • Trials result in higher sales. Nearly 1 out of 10 trial apps downloaded convert to a purchase and
  • generate 10 times more revenue, on average, than paid apps that don’t include trial functionality.
  • Trial downloads convert to paid downloads quickly. More than half of trial downloads that convert to a sale do so within one day, and most of those within 2 hours.

We hope devs take note of those numbers and take the extra time to implement the Trial API that Microsoft has made available. As consumers, we know that we're just more likely to try your app if it has a trial--devs, don't miss out on an opportunity.