The new touch-based versions of Office apps made for Windows 10 are the subject of a recent video demonstration from Microsoft. The video comes from the company's new Office Mechanics YouTube channel, which was previously called Office Garage.

Microsoft team members Jeremy Chapman and Ben Walters use an example of a fictional camera company to demonstration how the upcoming touch-based Office apps will work for a business with Windows 10 tablets and 2-in-1 devices. The video shows how the touch version of Excel can still handle the precise features of selecting data, formatting it into tables and more with just a finger on the screen rather than a mouse or keyboard.

If users need any help with their Office documents, the new touch versions will have a "Tell Me" feature that can quickly access the answers to user questions like, "How do I add a header?" There's also Insights, which will give users extra information about a word if it is selected in a document from the web to offer more context to the document.

Microsoft already allows Windows 10 preview users to access an early touch-based version of OneNote. The other touch-friendly Windows Office apps are expected to be released in preview form in the near future, followed by the all new Office 2016 sometime in late 2015.

Source: Office Mechanics (YouTube); Via: Neowin