Without even going into the specific details, there's a pretty straight up answer for it. Yes, of course, Microsoft is certainly working on new Lumia smartphones.

While it's easy, and sometimes fun, to get swept up in rumor central and start getting excited and talk about what we hope the devices contain, just take a second to think about it.

Microsoft now makes smartphones. And smartphones don't just appear overnight. Microsoft does a good job at making it look that way with endless, totally random launches, but the truth is they're months, years in the making.

Microsoft has already committed to a 'flagship' device for later on this year. So that has to be in development. And in a recent meeting with Microsoft for the local, UK launch of the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, we're told "exciting things are coming."

Rumors can be fun, but they're also just that: rumors. Don't forget that there's also plenty of chance that whatever you're reading could be total fantasy.

There could be plenty of truth in this latest batch. But here's the bigger truth to remember. Until Microsoft says it's no longer going to make smartphones, it will always be developing new smartphones for the various different target markets.

And don't forget Build is less than two weeks away. Who knows what we may or may not hear about there.