Microsoft is evidently not yet done re-working the native Photos app for Windows 10 and Mobile. The app tonight is updated to version 16.1003.10012.0, which is a bump from the previous 16.912.10072.0 for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring.

The update brings a surprising amount of changes to the UI that users have been asking for.

So far, this is what we see new:

  • No hamburger menu for PC as it is all pivots now
  • On Mobile, the header sections are now black instead of gray
  • New animation: When photos are minimized there is a new animation
  • Settings are re-ordered
  • New Light or Dark Mode selection
  • Albums are appropriately sized and formatted to show more information

None of those are insignificant either. For instance, there was never a proper Light mode even when the System was set to Light mode for the Photos app. Now, users can set Photos to match the System color scheme or override it.

Ditching the hamburger menu to select for Collection, Albums, and Folders is also welcomed.

When Microsoft first brought the animation for photo selection back in July many users commented that it needs a reverse animation for when they return to the album. Microsoft has now added that with this update making the photos app a much more pleasing experience.

The new Albums has a cleaner, more useful layout

Finally, Albums look much better now with a new layout that appropriately utilizes the display.

This update is only for the Fast Ring at this time, but the update will likely trickle to other Insider rings and Production in the coming weeks.

Download Microsoft Photos in the Windows Store

Thanks, Ashams K., for the tip!

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