Xbox Extras

A new update for the Xbox Extras app for Windows Phone is being seeded out to the Store. What makes this interesting is the continued purge of “LIVE” from the Xbox brand on the mobile platform.

The latest update has resulted in a few changes (1) The name is just Xbox Extras now (2) the load screen simply says Xbox with the logo and (3) within the app, it just says Xbox.

Xbox Extras

While this is hardly ground breaking and perhaps even expected, it is still interesting to see “LIVE” going the way of the dinosaurs. The purge process started with Xbox games on Windows Phone a few weeks ago but it has slowly been spreading to the rest of the ecosystem.

We haven’t seen the update yet (we’re still on 7.3) others in the US and elsewhere are starting to get this update. You can download Xbox Extras here in the Store and sound off in comments if you received the update yet. Thanks, Atif A., for the photos!

QR: Xbox Extras