Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge launched as an exclusive browser for Windows 10 on July 29. For its first full month of release in August, Edge claimed just 2.03% of all PC browser share worldwide, according to data from Net Applications.

While Windows 10 may be installed on over 75 million PCs and tablets so far, it would appear that people are a little slower to adopt Edge. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 is shown as the most used browser worldwide in August with 26.90%, followed by Google's Chrome 44 with 17.63% and IE8 in third with 10.92%.

However, it should be noted that Edge is exclusive just for Windows 10 users, while IE, Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox can be used on multiple operating systems. In addition, Microsoft has also included IE11 in the desktop version of Windows 10 to run legacy web-based applications.

Source: Net Applications