Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer

August 16, 1995 is the official launch date for Internet Explorer 1.0, the first web browser from Microsoft. Today, 20 years later, the Microsoft Edge team, via its official Twitter account, celebrated that milestone, while at the same time also signaling that IE's days are numbered.

The post was accompanied by a video showing a Microsoft Edge browser running a site with some birthday sparklers in the shape of an "e", and a "Happy Birthday" message. However, it was the text of the Twitter post that's perhaps more interesting.

"Happy 20th Birthday, Internet Explorer! Thanks for all the great work you've done, but I've got it from here ;) "

Internet Explorer 1.0 actually launched as part of the Plus! for Windows 95 software product, which was made as an paid add-on for Windows 95. Later IE 1.0, and all other versions of the browser, were released for free. While Microsoft released a version of IE 11 in Windows 10 for legacy website efforts, the company is clearly moving on with the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Source: Microsoft Edge (Twitter)