Microsoft Edge

The first Microsoft Edge Dev Summit will wrap up later today in Mountain View, California with a Q&A panel featuring members of the company's web browser team. People can send in questions through Twitter, which the panel will answer during the webcast later today.

If you would like to ask the team questions related to Microsoft Edge, simply post them on your Twitter account with the hashtag #AskMSEdge. Then you can go to the Dev Summit webcast starting at 2:30 p.m. Pacific time (5:30 p.m. Eastern time; 9:30 p.m. GMT) to see if your question gets picked by the team. You can also follow the #AskMSEdge hashtag on Twitter to see the answers.

Some of the questions you might ask the team could relate to the new rendering engine that's being used in Edge, or how the extensions support will work on the browser. Perhaps you might be wondering if Microsoft had any other names they were considering for the browser before they settled on Edge. There's also the possiblity that you could find out why the Edge logo looks so similar to Internet Explorer.

Source: Microsoft