windows 9

Microsoft has decided not to offer a live stream of the press event it plans to hold on September 30 in San Francisco, where it will officially reveal some of the features it will put into the next major version of Windows.

In an email statement sent to WPCentral, a Microsoft spokesperson told us, "Public materials will be available on Blogging Windows and Microsoft News Center following the event. However, there will be no live stream of the keynote." The statement did not give a specific reason for this decision.

Microsoft has offered live streams for many of its recent press events, including the launch of Office for iPad, which was also held in San Francisco, and most recently the reveal of the Surface Pro 3. The media invites for the September 30 simply said, "Join us to hear about what's next for Windows and the enterprise."

It's possible Microsoft doesn't want to have a ton of hype about this event because of its enterprise theme, and it may talk about features that won't be of interest to everyday consumers. Microsoft is expected to release a public version of its 'next Windows' enterprise technology preview on or shortly after September 30, with a final release rumored for a launch in the spring of 2015.

Are you disappointed that Microsoft won't offer a live stream of the 'next Windows' event?