LG Tab

A Microsoft employee in Korea has a LinkedIn page that shows references to "Threshold', the code name for the next major version of Windows, along with vauge indications of a collaboration with LG.

The LinkedIn page of the employee, Joong-Young Lee, shows that he has been responsible for "OEM PM (project management) work with LG PC, Phone, TV on Windows Threshold & Windows Phone Blue". The only clear thing on this listing is the "Threshold" mention, which has been rumored to be Microsoft's internal title for what may or may not be called Windows 9 for some time.

The other listings on the LinkedIn post are more vague. It may or may not suggest that LG is working with Microsoft on new Windows Phone devices, along with perhaps some kind of TV collaboration. LG does make Windows-based PCs that are usually sold outside the US, such as the Tab Book 2, but there's been no real indication that the company is planning to release any new Windows Phone products, much less a TV with some kind of Windows component.


The simple fact is that LinkedIn profiles, especially ones that are in English but are written by non-English speaking users, could suggest something that the employee did not intend. In other words, take this page with a grain of salt.

Source: LinkedIn via @h0x0d