Lumia Cinemagraph Beta

Microsoft has now ended its beta for the Windows Phone Lumia Cinemagraph app, and has now incorporated the main features in that beta version to the main app.

Just in case you are unaware of the app, Lumia Cinemagraph offers users a way to create an animated GIF-like image. Microsoft first launched the beta version in November, which added a way to share cinemagraphs "directly as repeating video clips through the normal sharing steps." In a blog post today, Microsoft said:

"The new simplified way of sharing cinemagraphs seems to work well for most users. Additionally, we're hearing clearly that many of you wish that the app's features should be integrated into the main phone camera application. This is something we'll be considering for the future."

Microsoft says that the beta version of Lumia Cinemagraph won't be updated anymore and will soon be delisted from the Windows Phone Store. Beta users are now being urged to switch back over to the main Lumia Cinemagraph app, which was updated a couple of days ago.

QR:  Lumia Cinemagraph

Source: Microsoft