joe belfiore

Microsoft's Windows Phone leader Joe Belfiore has confirmed that Microsoft will be forming a new team, based in Beijing, that will be tasked with creating projects for Windows PCs, tablets and Windows Phones specifically for the Chinese market

The announcement was made on Belfiore's own Weibo account in China, which he wrote just before he attended a press event today to announce the launch of Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant in that country. In his message he stated:

The work we've done with our Bing team on Cortana is quite specific to China… and in fact, we are forming a Beijing-based team within my group to focus on China-specific work for PCs, Phones and Tablets. Lots of good stuff to come!

In an earlier message on his Weibo page, Belfiore also talked about what Microsoft is doing in the near term to expand their Windows Phone presence in China. He stated:

We've felt it's been important to get some basics in place (Dual SIM, TD-LTE, WRD program to make it easy for Chinese OEMs to build WP) before ramping China-specific investments—but you'll see a bunch more of that soon.

China is certainly high on Microsoft's priority list in trying to expand Windows Phone sales and it should be interesting to see if their efforts in forming a local team will help in those efforts. Do you think Microsoft is approaching the Chinese market in the correct way?

Source: Joe Belfiore on Weibo