Home Team

There's a new app that has been published by Microsoft Garage called Home Team. This new offering enables you to find and locate professional services through word of mouth and solid customer ratings. Never again will you happen across an engineer or plumber who doesn't carry out quality work. Or that's what this app aims to solve at least.

The app requires you to create an account, but you're able to connect through Facebook to join friends who also happen to be using the service. Here are a bunch of features highlighted on the Microsoft Garage listing:

  • Manage your team - Home Team will help you to centralize and manage your "team" of service providers so you don't have to dig through your contacts for that electrician you used two years ago.
  • Get recommendations - Directly connect with people you trust to share valuable recommendations for a lawn care specialist, auto mechanic, or fishmonger!
  • Share with co-workers - Join a work network to seek out and share the best tax accountant, financial advisor, etc. with your colleagues!

Grab the app from the Windows Store, using the link below.

Download Home Team from the Windows Store

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