Microsoft handed out an extra 3GB of SkyDrive storage to early adopters of Now it looks like they’re doing the same, but bigger, for Windows Phone users. We’re getting tips from a few of you about a little early Christmas present from Microsoft in your inboxes. How much extra storage are you getting on SkyDrive for being a Windows Phone user? Let’s find out.

It was back in April 2012 that Microsoft dropped the 25GB allotment of free storage on SkyDrive to 7GB for new accounts. That means by default every single one of you using Windows Phone have at least 7GB of storage in the cloud. Of course you’ll have more if you’re grandfathered in with an old SkyDrive account or you buy more. But it looks like you’ll be picking up 20GB free for the next year from Microsoft for using Windows Phone.

Head to your inbox and see if you’ve got an email from Microsoft with a link to redeem your code. Don’t share that link, since it contains your unique code for 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage for one year.

Free SkyDrive Windows Phone

Don’t fret if you’re not seeing the email just yet. For example, I don’t have it, but Mark and a few dozen of you guys sending the tips in have it already. Just look out for an email from Microsoft. Did you get it already? Sound off below. 

Thanks for the tip Bilal, Clifford and everyone else!