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20 years ago, the Internet was just starting to become used by more than just scientists and college students. The launch of the World Wide Web for accessing the Internet was a major factor in its growth as a mainstream service. Today, Microsoft turned back the clocks two decades with a recreation of its very first website.

The site itself, as you might expect, is pretty bare bones in the graphics department, The team that recreated the site have also linked to a number of Wikipedia pages in place of links that are now no longer available. However, the page is still up and running, even though it hasn't been updated in several years.

In a blog post today, Microsoft notes that for a while, the website just had one engineer, Mark Ingalls, but that he got some help later when Steve Heaney was added to the team. Ingalls said:

"Steve Heaney and I put together PERL scripts that handled a lot of these daily publishing duties for us," he says. "For a while, we ran the site like a newspaper, where we published content twice a day. And if you missed the cutoff for the publishing deadline, you didn't get it published until the next running of the presses, or however you want to term it."

There has been 17 redesigns of the site in the past 20 years. Today, about 30 people maintain the website which is still one of the 10 most visited sites worldwide. If you accessed the World Wide Web 20 years ago, do you remember going to the site?

Source: Microsoft, First Microsoft site recreation

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