Windows 10

Microsoft continues to prepare consumers for the launch of Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29 with a series of YouTube videos that goes deeper into the features of its next PC operating system.

Unlike their daily videos that very quickly go over some of Windows 10's features, these new clips are much longer, up to five minutes long and show people from the Windows 10 team demoing and describing what the OS has to offer.

The first video, 'The Windows 10 Experience', goes over the new Start menu, the revamped desktop user interface and more. The second clip, "Windows 10 Apps", shows off some of the built-in Modern apps like Photos, Maps, Mail and Calendar.

The third video focuses on the features in the new Microsoft Edge web browser, and finally the fourth video shows how Cortana is integrated into Windows 10. All four videos are worth checking out if you want to get up to speed on Windows 10's features.

Source: Windows (YouTube)