Part of the launch of Windows 10 is a new effort by Microsoft to be a bigger force in PC gaming in general. The company has released a series of videos that show how using Windows 10 will help and impact gamers, including a breakdown of how to enable Xbox One games to stream over to a PC.

The first video is a very general clip of the highlights of playing games on Windows 10, in conjunction with the Xbox app. The second video has Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Nelson chatting with Mike Ybarra from the Xbox engineering team going over the features of Windows 10's Xbox app, including the activity feed, friends lists, game hubs, game DVR and screenshot and more.

Finally, the third video goes step-by-step on how Windows 10 users who own an Xbox One console can enable the Xbox app in Windows 10 to stream games from the console to the PC. Microsoft is working on having PC games stream to the Xbox One sometime in the near future.

Source: Xbox (YouTube)