Microsoft has said that they are predicting Windows Phone to capture more than 20% of the smartphone market over the next few years through clever and effective marketing as well as support from manufacturers. Remember when Pyramid Research predicted the OS to reach top spot by 2013? Well the software giant is looking to smash that prediction.

Achim Berg, head of Windows Phone marketing, had this to say at IFA:

"HTC and other partners will run advertisement campaigns for the Titan and Radar phones, and the company has joined Microsoft in training hundreds of salesmen worldwide to better demonstrate the product. Microsoft plans to build on Windows Phone’s initial success with female consumers as well as with young and first-time users to win market share."

Berg also stated (and quite rightly so) that it took Apple and Google time for iOS and Android to catch on. Granted that Microsoft has arrived slightly late, but they still share the same obstacles when starting out. Apps wise, the Marketplace has shown positive signs of growth and developers are creating superb applications.

With regards to manufacturer support, if the HTC event in London was anything to go by, I'd say they're fairly confident in Mango and it shows in the beastly hardware that's going to hit shelves later this year. It's great to see in the above quote that Microsoft has been actively training salesmen with HTC to better demonstrate products, something carriers could also partner for.

Source: Bloomberg