Lumia 535

Microsoft plans to sell new, but unannounced, budget-priced Windows Phone devices in Africa. The company hope to expand the reach of Windows Phone to countries on that continent as more of their citizens gain access to the Internet on mobile devices.

According to Fernando de Sousa, Microsoft's general manager for Africa Initiatives, the new Windows Phone devices made for African countries will be priced in the $75 to $100 range. That would mean they will be slightly cheaper than the recently-released Lumia 535. Details about those new phones have yet to be revealed.

The phones will be offered as part of Microsoft's 4Afrika Initiative, which will also provide investments in local education and technology companies. Sousa is quoted by Bloomberg as saying:

"It will be a global launch. Africa will lead in the consumption. Africa is growing smartphone use faster than anywhere in the world."

In 2013, Microsoft and Huawei teamed up to launch the Huawei 4Afrika smartphone, a variant of the Ascend W1 for African consumers that came pre-loaded with custom apps made by African developers. Huawei has since decided to stop making Windows Phone devices.

Source: Bloomberg