Microsoft Band owners who also own a Windows Phone can now download an update to the Microsoft Health app, along with a firmware update for the fitness band itself. It's the first such firmware and software update in two months.

Unfortunately, both of these updates appear to be minor ones. The Microsoft Health app version number goes up to 1.3.1209.1. The changelog states that the update only has "General App fixes and improvements" , The Microsoft Band itself now has a new firmware version of 1.1.2110.0 09 R. Hopefully, we will see some major updates that will add new features to the Microsoft Band in the near future.

If you happen to own a Microsoft Band and own an Android device, there's a new Microsoft Health app update in Google Play that does add one feature. "Now you can control which apps send notifications to the notification center tile on the Band. Just go to Manage Tiles and click on the Notification Center entry from the list."

QR: Microsoft Health

Thanks to Charlie and Jamie for the tip!