Microsoft Health, Messaging, and OneNote all score bug-fixing updates

Not content to stick with just a few updates today, Microsoft has begun pushing out fresh versions of a few of its other apps on Windows 10 Mobile this evening. On tap are new versions of Microsoft Messaging, OneNote, and Microsoft Health (available for Windows Phone 8.1 as well).

Microsoft Health and OneNote appear to only contain bug fixes, with Health's changelog specifically calling that out as the only change. Microsoft Messaging, on the other hand, has gotten a tiny tweak that many are likely to miss, but won't effect your use of the app much. If you tap the ellipses menu, you'll now see an "About" option (pictured below) that will just give you some basic information about the app and its version number.

Microsoft Messaging About

There's nothing to get too excited about here, but updates are good regardless. Be sure to hit up the links below to grab the latest versions of each app if you haven't already.

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