Just had to follow up on yesterday afternoon's post about Microsoft and Linux developers. I came across this mystifying site this morning: Open Source at Microsoft (via Wedong)

By embracing diverse application development approaches and partner business models, Microsoft participates in a world of choice in which individuals and organizations can pursue their goals based on what uniquely inspires them, including open source.

Now the title and the graphics make you think "Microsoft's going open source? LIES." And you're right, there is something a little "off" about the copy. Some reading around, though, and it becomes clear that the site is about helping *other* open source projects play nice on Windows products. So it makes perfect sense that Microsoft would go to a Linux conference dedicated to talking about things like Linux Smartphones. Microsoft wants those open source app developers to know that if they want their app to be *used* on devices people in the US actually *buy*, Windows Mobile won't reject open source code like a failed kidney transplant.

...On another "Linux and Windows Love" note, remember Silverlight, the "Flash Killer" that also might just serve (this is just me riffing here, so don't read too much into this) as a great basis for Photon's UI? Well back in May some developers got it working on Linux in one weekend of coding. So Silverlight, when it's finally released, will work on Windows XP, Vista, Windows Mobile, Mac OSX, and Linux. "Flash killer" indeed.

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