Low Light Lumia 920

While Microsoft has been busy promoting the newest Windows Phone it hasn’t forgotten about the low-light Lumia that started it all. Earlier this week they released an advertisement for both television and the internet showcasing the low-light prowess of the Lumia 928 versus the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5.

The Lumia 928 borrows most of its camera tech from the Lumia 920. Here’s another video from the Redmond giant showing off the low-light powers of that original photo-eating Windows Phone.

The video is straight to the point. Like most Windows Phone advertisements from Microsoft lately. It’s a mix of behind the scenes of how they set up the shot and the results from the shot. The Lumia 920 is compared to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII. Which is kind of odd seeing as how they video of the Lumia 928 took on the newer Galaxy variant (the S4). Either way, the results speak for themselves with the Lumia 920 clearly performing better in a low-light situation.

The video description also links to the Windows Phone Tumblr account where they have a GIF of the results. Don’t forget it’s pronounced with a soft J and not hard G. But did you read that, there’s an official Tumblr account for Windows Phone, who knew?  

Windows Phone GIF

GIF? JIF? Either way, click to see it in action.

Share your thoughts below! Is the low-light magic of Windows Phone and the Lumia line being overplayed? Or should Microsoft and Nokia continue to highlight one of the most distinguishing aspects of our ecosystem?

Source: YouTube

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