In less than two weeks, Microsoft is expected to pull the cover off of Windows Phone 8.1. Granted, a lot about the OS update has leaked out in either screenshots, the SDK or even video. Still, there are plenty of little details that need to be filled in, which is why we’re headed to Build on April 2.

Tonight, Microsoft, appears to be testing the announcement. Microsoft’s main Windows Phone site,, has a new Windows Phone 8.1 category near the top. Of course, when you click it you will get an error about the page not being found, so don’t look for any new scoops there.

While this is hardly breaking news, for you Windows Phone fans, this will be that little bit to hold you over until April 2. We’re expecting the Developer Preview to be announced that day too, meaning if you want the beta build of the OS, you can get it that day (later in early summer, we’re expecting the official update with accompanying firmware to be rolled out).

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Thanks, Islambek U., for the tip!