Data Sense is a vital Windows Phone 8.1 tool for many who like to keep track of how much data their phone consumes each month. Even more, the gizmo gives users the ability to restrict background data when roaming, set data limits, and see which apps grabs the most data.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released a companion app for Data Sense called IE Data Savings. The app taps into Data Sense but gives users a more detailed analysis of their Internet Explorer web usage. The app is free, and it should work all phones with the Windows Phone 8.1 OS installed.

Diving into the app, there is not a whole lot, but the information is useful. There is the Usage page, which breaks down Data Saved vs Data Used in graph form. A History page breaks down your Internet Explorer web usage by month with additional statistics like 'average saved' and 'total saved.' IE Data Savings then uses that information to give you real-world estimates of what that would translate into e.g. "That's enough data to…look at about 11 photos on Facebook."

The app itself has no options in it, as it is merely a magnifying glass for Data Sense, showing exactly how much you are – or are not – using. IE Data Savings is certainly neat and for the data conscious, it is worth the download.

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Thanks, Faraaz K. and Kumar C., for the tips!

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