windows 81

A misunderstanding has caused a number of videos on YouTube, many of which show third party Windows tutorials, to be taken down on copyright violations. In fact, it was something in the videos' comments section that was under Microsoft's concern, rather than the clips themselves.

The videos were removed from YouTube on Tuesday afternoon, including a Windows 8.1 tutorial by Microsoft employee Scott Hanselman. Needless to say, he thought this was rather odd behavior on Microsoft's part, as he expressed in a Twitter message.

As it turned out, Microsoft wanted YouTube to remove comments in many of those videos "because there were stolen product keys embedded in the comments section" according to their official Twitter news feed. It looks like YouTube went a bit too far in their zeal to go after the product keys. Microsoft added, "We're looking at the YouTube notices ASAP. It is NOT the intent to target great content! We have already taken steps to reinstate legit video content and are working towards a better solution to targeting stolen IP."

Since then Hanselman's video has been reinstated. Hopefully this incident will cause YouTube to rethink their video takedown polices. Do you think YouTube need better ways to remove copyrighted content from their site?

Source: Microsoft News on Twitter