Microsoft introduces ad mediation for Windows Phone apps

Microsoft is hoping to help developers increase Windows Phone app revenue by today announcing ad mediation for Windows Phone. Ad mediation lets your app use multiple advertising SDKs. When an app makes a call to one ad control, and that control can't serve the ad, it calls another control. The new mediation control makes implementing and managing this in an app simple.

Ad mediation lets developers optimize their use of ads based on how an ad or ad network performs. Ads are first optimized for revenue, with ads that generating lower revenue brought in to fill ad spots when the larger networks can't. Developers can also tailor their ads based on market from the Dev Center. Ad networks available for the launch of mediation include Microsoft Advertising, AdDuplex, AdMob, and Smaato.

With its launch today, ad mediation lets you set several aspects of your ads, such as refresh rate, when to pause or resume ads, network prioritization and exclusion, and more. It is currently supported on apps for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 Silverlight and 8.1 XAML. Microsoft says that they are still looking into solutions for tablet and PC apps.

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Source: Windows Blog