Windows 10

Microsoft has issued 14 security bulletins today for a number of software products, as part of its regular monthly "Patch Tuesday" event. Four of those downloads are to fix issues in the current 9926 preview build of Windows 10 for PCs.

Of those 14 security bulletins, Microsoft labeled five of them as "Critical". Oddly, one of the bulletins that was labeled as "Important" is MS15-031, which is designed to fix the publicly disclosed FREAK security hole that could allow hackers to force a downgrade in the encryption of a secure HTTPS connection. Microsoft stated. "Any Windows system using Schannel to connect to a remote TLS server with an insecure cipher suite is affected." The patch to fix the issue has been made for all versions of Windows, including the current Windows 10 preview build.

All but two of today's security bulletins are designed to fix issues in various versions of Windows. One of the two remaining patches is to close a security hole in versions of Office while the remaining bulletin fixes a problem with Exchange.

Microsoft has yet to announce when they will release a major new version of the Windows 10 preview. The current 9926 build was released in late January.

Source: Microsoft

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