Microsoft IT Showcase

Microsoft IT Showcase is a universal app that lets you stay current with the latest innovations occurring within Microsoft. One such consumer-centric innovation is the HoloLens, which is due to arrive sometime within the next year. With the Redmond giant stating that it will build an ecosystem of apps around its wearable holographic headset, IT Showcase has become the first app to support HoloLens on the Windows 10 Store.

Thanks to the unified codebase in Windows 10, all modern apps will be compatible with HoloLens. As we inch closer to the eventual release of the headset, we should be seeing a host of apps showcasing support for the new platform.

Along with Microsoft, third-party companies such as Object Theory are offering end-to-end app development services for the HoloLens, effectively targeting the enterprise segment. While HoloLens has a lot of potential in the entertainment and gaming segments, Microsoft has stated that the focus will initially be on enterprise customers.

Via: Neowin

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