It’s pretty easy for most of us to rib on the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). They’re the group responsible for the PMA wireless charging, a competitor to the Qi wireless standard that so many of you Windows Phone users are very familiar with. However, many technology companies are PMA members. Organizations like Huawei, BlackBerry, LG, Samsung, Qualcomm, Sony, Toshiba, AT&T and Starbucks all hold PMA membership. Guess who else just joined the PMA today? Yup, Microsoft.

Don’t freak out just yet. That doesn’t mean your next Microsoft/Nokia phone will automatically support the PMA standard. Just last month Microsoft also joined the board for the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). That’s the group responsible for the Qi wireless charging standard. Companies routinely hold memberships of competing standards. It gives them a door to shape the standards how they want.

Here’s PMA President Ron Resnick on Microsoft joining the Power Matters Alliance:

“Microsoft is a great example of an innovative company that can help fuel adoption of the technology on a large scale in many different areas of consumer electronics. It is critical to get the industry moving in the right direction and create as many options for consumers as possible to fuel the widespread adoption of wireless charging. The goal of The PMA is to serve the industry in the best way possible. To that end, we invite industry leaders from all walks to join the organization and help define the future of wireless power delivery.”

Qi vs. PMA isn’t the last format war we’ll ever see and we’re far away from declaring a clear winner. How long do you think we have until there is a clear winner?

Source: PMA

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